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At Berggren Law Offices, LLC in Oakdale, Minnesota, I help companies and individuals protect their intellectual properties. Whether you need to patent an invention or trademark a name, I can help you.


Making your Company IP savvy

I have written a helpful manual, "How to Maximize Profits: Strategic Considerations of IP Issues in Business Decisions" to guide people on when and how to consider intellectual property issues in business decisions. One large benefit of using this manual is the training and education of management and other employees. 

I can consult with you to determine if your business would benefit from a similar manual to help guide your important IP business decisions.

Business IP Publications

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) puts out several IP publications for entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The guides are a part of a new series on "Intellectual Property for Business.” It is intended to cover a wide range of practical IP issues that are important to business leaders.

Some of the publications include:

  • "Making a Mark" explains the basics of trademarks from a business perspective.
  • "Valuation of Intellectual Property: What, Why, and How" describes intellectual property valuation. It also shows how it can be used to find cost-effective ways IP assets can be used, protected, insured, sold, leveraged, or exchanged in the marketplace.
  • In "Domain Names: Making a Good Choice," the domain name system and its interface with the trademark system is expounded upon.
  • For clarifications on how to address IP issues in an export plan, take the time to read "Intellectual Property Rights and Exports: Avoiding Common Pitfalls.”
  • Learn why integrating IP issues enhance business worth in the eyes of investors in "Practical IP Issues in Developing a Business Plan.”
  • "Why is Intellectual Property Relevant to Business?" explains how IP enhances business profitability.

IP Decision Process Flow Sample

My manual can help you create strategies to streamline the IP process. You can see an example of an IP decision tree

View the IP Decision Tree example.

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