You’ve Got a Million-Dollar Idea, but Can You Protect It?

Make Sure Your Intellectual Property is Guarded

You’ve Got a Million-Dollar Idea, but Can You Protect It?

Make Sure Your Intellectual Property is Guarded

Patents and Trademarks

In today's competitive intellectual property (IP) environment, it's more important than ever to act early. Individuals and companies can make and retain significantly more profits if IP issues are discussed in the initial business decision-making process. Of course, it's also important to review these concerns as more information becomes known.

At Berggren Law Offices, LLC in Oakdale, Minnesota, I'm ready to assist you with your IP protection needs.


Strategic Considerations in Business Decisions

  • Do you possess valuable intellectual property?
  • Do you form alliances to better profit from some of your IP?
  • Do you work with research or testing entities to increase understanding of what you have invented?
  • Do you perform manufacturing work for clients?
  • Do you not have an active IP culture in your company?


Intellectual Property

  • Searching and Analysis
  • Patent Drafting and Prosecution
  • Patent Interference and Validation Analysis
  • Trademark Filing and Prosecution
  • Intellectual Property Law Training


  • Business Entity Creation
  • Contract Drafting


  • Wills and Trusts
  • Health Care Directives
  • Power of Attorney
  • Ante/Post Nuptial Agreements

Client Patents

US 8,436,721 Automobile Theft Protection and Disablement System

US 8,381,640 Spaetzle Preparation Apparatus

US 8,910,417 Cut Flower Container

US 9,593,447 System and Method Using a Reaction Chamber to Beneficiate Organic-Carbon-Containing Feedstock for Downstream Processes

US 9,525,376 - Wound Field Synchronous Machine With Resonant Field Exciter

US 9,677,594 General Purpose Holder

US 9,541,356 Portable Rotary Target Apparatus

US 10,349,783 Food Preparation Apparatus

US 10,316,463 Non-Woven Covered Roller

US 10,827,741 Avian Deterrent Device

US 10,914,550  Holster Accessory

US 10,934,777  Durable Ladder Bumper Guard

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